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About Ms. Nancy 

First and foremost I'm a mom of a preschooler and a toddler. I love being a mom and enjoy using every opportunity as a learning experience for my girls. For the past seven years I had been teaching in a preschool center and prior to that I was working in family day care. I'm currently attending college to pursue my degree in early childhood education in order to support and encourage not only little ones, but the parents who have taken on the challenge of raising children. I am passionate about teaching and believe strongly in investing in children’s lives. My classes and teaching methods are aimed at building a child's confidence and showing him or her that learning is fun. I personally believe that all activities that teachers engage children in should be child-centered and child-focused.  I have a heart for teaching and strive to better educate myself in order to pass it along to others.


"Do not do things for children, instead show them how"


"Kids learn by having fun and exposure to different things."

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